Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Voting Articles for Thursday

For Thursday, be sure to read the following articles on voting:
Because we will be meeting in Skiles 318 on Thursday, we will not have access to computer monitors, so be sure to print up hard copies of each of these four articles and be prepared to discuss them in class.

Some (optional but interesting) debate articles:
1) Election May Hinge On Debates: Bush, Kerry Bring Different Strengths

2) Bush's Data Dump: The administration is hiding bad economic news. Here's how.

3) Kerry in a Struggle for a Democratic Base: Women

4) Cheney Crowds Would Like More on Kitchen-Table Issues

5) "Rhetoric vs. Reality"

6) "How Kerry can win the debate on terror and Iraq"

To be clear, the debate articles are not required, but they introduce some of the questions that Bush and Kerry will face during the debates. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the lecture on Wednesday night and the debates on Thursday.

My class only: If you haven't read it, you should review Jonathan Freedland's "Still no Votes in Leipzig," which argues that people outside the US should be allowed to vote in US elections. Voluntary reading, but still relevant: From The New York Times, "Abolish the Electoral College."


At 7:42 PM, Blogger chutry said...

Jon, even I'm not entirely sure that I agree with everything that Freedman argues here, but I am glad that you were willing to give it a second chance. What evidence in the essay did you find most compelling?


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