Thursday, August 26, 2004

Blog Talk: I'm Already Running Out of Good Titles

Just a quick note to let students know that I may use the main course blog to direct attention to certain blog posts that I believe raise interesting points that should be addressed in class. You may notice that I've linked to one student's post in the "Fight the Power" entry.

As the semester progresses, I will likely encourage you to link to your colleagues' posts, either within your blog or in other groups' blogs. Linking to an individual post within a blog is relatively easy:
  1. First, click on the time-stamp at the bottom of the entry you want to link, which will create a new page.
  2. Then highlight a short amount of text within your blog entry (one or two words) where you want to create your link.
  3. Then click the "link" button on the top of the Blogger interface (it looks like a green ball with a white loop on top of it).
  4. Copy and paste the address in the appropriate box, and then you're done.


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