Thursday, August 26, 2004

Thursday Update

This coming week the Republican convention will convene in New York City. In order to be prepared for class discussion you should watch several of the keynote speeches, inlcuidng President Bush's (Thursday) and Vice President Cheney's (Wednesday).

You should also continue reading the assigned material from Good Reasons (check the syllabus) and the "Rhetorical Situation and Kairos" essay by Dr. Andrew Cline, a writing professor at Southwest Missouri State University.

Finally, you should begin looking for articles that you would be interested in discussing with your classmates (and articles you'd like to write about for your paper). Be sure to take advantage of the resources in the sidebar, keeping in mind that most blogs will not have well-developed entries but may link to other articles you find interesting. When you find an article you want to discuss, create a link to that particular article or save the web address in a blog entry.


At 1:41 PM, Blogger chutry said...

If you write a full length entry, it could count as a blog entry. If you just find the article and link to it, it would not count. You can choose either option.

I'll revise this post to add that you can do a blog entry on one of the convention speeches as well.


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