Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Reading Assignments for Tuesday

As I mentioned in class, you should read chapter one in Good Reasons for Thursday. In addition, you should read the following online articles and essays:
  • Dr. Andrew Cline's Introduction to Rhetoric: Dr. Cline is a professor of English at Southwest Missouri State University and writes extensively about rhetoric and the media. You may notice that I have linked to several of Cline's webpages in the linkroll. His collection of media sources will be particulalry helpful when you are looking to write your first paper.
  • Democracy Matters: This is the front page of Adonal Foyle's political awareness organization for students. Feel free to take a lok around the website, but you should focus on this New York Times article. If you're interested in Foyle's "Democracy Matters" project, you might also want to look at Eric Neel's interview with Foyle and this interview with Foyle from AlterNet.
We'll begin talking on Tuesday about how to constuct effective arguments and how to read the arguments of others more effectively.


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