Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Edwards or Cheney

Did anyone watch tonight's VP debate? If so, leave your reactions in the comments section. How did your experience of this debate compare to the first Presidential debate? How does the VP debate affect your decision, if at all? What comparisons can be drawn about the kinds of questions, the argumentative approaches, the responses to the questions, etc? As with other debates/discussions, you might want to take a look at factcheck.org to see how truthful the two candidates were during the debate (Dick Cheney tried to recommend factcheck.org during the debate, but accidentally recommended factcheck.com instead--oops!).

I'll have a short reading assignment here shortly, but as always, I'd encourage you to look for articles that you'd like to dicuss. For students who missed Vince Keenan's Wednesday night lecture, teh make-up assignment is the same as for those students who missed the first debate: watch an extra debate and write a response.

Update: Not required but here's a transcript of the VP debate with responses from Josh Marshall, Andrew Sullivan, and Fred Kaplan.


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