Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Journeys with George

This week in class we will be watching and discussing Alexandra Pelosi's documentary film, Journeys with George (IMDB), which focuses on George W. Bush's 2000 bid for President of the United States, starting with the Republican primaries. Pelosi, daughter of Democratic Congressperson Nancy Pelosi, works as a producer for NBC News, and is assigned to cover Bush's campaign for the network.

As you watch the film, I' dlike you to think about some of the issues we've discussed pertaining to this year's election: How, for example, does the film characterize the relationship between the press and the politicians they cover? Do you believe that this relationship will allow the media to be completely objective in their coverage of an election? Of specific candidates? How does the film characterize the future President? We know, for example, that Pelosi is a Democrat, and she discloses that news in the film (even noting that she voted for Bill Bradley in the primary), but how does that affect her portrayal of then-Governor Bush? Note here that many Republicans like Pelosi's film despite her politics. What do you think might account for their enjoyment of or appreciation for this film?

As with all other assignments, you're certainly encouraged to write a blog entry on your reaction to the film.


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